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Momenta AS offer complete rental of pumps, systems and belonging equipment for chemical injection, hydraulic and flushing.

As a market leader within products, services and packages to Chemical Injection, Momenta AS can supply rental equipment for permanent or temporary operations on site. Our rental park consists of a large selection of different equipment with a total number of appr. 80 skids and systems. Clients can purchase the rental equipment together with one of our Service Engineers or as single rental components.

Our Rental fleet consists of:

  • Airdriven chemical injection pump skids
  • Chlorine injection systems (titanium)
  • Airdriven booster pump skids
  • Gas boosters
  • Pressure test systems
  • Flushing units
  • Filtration systems
  • Flow control valves
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Tanks and driptrays
  • Hoses and other belonging equipment