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Process Systems

Pipe Systems

Tailormade pipe systems according to customer requirements

Typical fabrications:

  • Water cooling units (WCU)
  • Hydraulic power units (HPU)
  • Open drain tank skids
  • Closed drain tank skids
  • Turret subsea pump-packages
  • Pressure vessels
  • Mud treatment skids

ROV Systems

Compact design with focus on clean service-free systems

Typical fabrications:

  • Ballast submerged turret loading ROV panels
  • Ballast submerged turret production ROV panels
  • Offshore loading ROV panels
  • ACS connector panels
  • Single anchor-loading ROV panels
  • Other ROV panels

Utility Stations

Utility stations are required throughout the plant / platform  at various levels of supplying utility services like gas, air water and steam.

We design and manufacture in different materials according to customer specifications.