Skoflo Subsea Chemical Injection Metering Valves (CIMV)



SkoFlo Subsea Chemical Injection Metering Valves (CIMV) feature SkoFlo’s industry leading pressure independent technology.  Subsea CIMVs are operationally rated up to 15,000 psi, ROV installable, and remotely adjustable, and draw minimal power. During flow adjustment SkoFlo valves draw 4 watts and only draw 1-2 watts while idling. (Stated power values are per valve core.) Communication interface to the SCM can be Modbus or Canbus SIIS level 2.

SkoFlo has over 800 subsea valves in service and is currently the only supplier of subsea chemical injection valves that has been certified by the SIIS organization to be compliant to the SIIS Level 2 communication protocol.